The encomienda: Finding

The encomienda: Finding Paradise (60s) Aerial image of Punta Canc n, visitor in 1970 In 1967, Savignac presented the results and were striking tourism grew faster on exports, one of the main drivers of national economy. And in contrast to the rest of the world, in Mexico there were two governing bodies attraction of tourism: the Department and the Tourism Council, both dependent and monopolized by the Federal Government and its activities are focused primarily in Acapulco, one that exploited as tourist jewel . Thus, Enriquez Savignac, accompanied by Pedro where Elliott was given the task of searching all over the coast of Mexico potential areas for exploitation as beach destination by plane, boat, sleeping in tents in days several weeks, and on the other hand locked in an office, developing matrices attractions and statistical tables. Hotel Zone, with emerging constructions.Currently that area is known as the Party sightseeing Center the end brochures of 1968, technicians of the Bank of Mexico had six points selected ideal to hold new tourist destinations. All had problems with difficult access road, and were semi-virgin. Two were located at the former federal territory of Baja California Sur: the tourist board corridor of Los Cabos and Loreto. Two other sites were tourist attractions in the state of Oaxaca, Puerto visiting Escondido and Huatulco, which was the pet project of bankers. A fifth point was in the state of Guerrero: Ixtapa. At that time, however, the heart destination of the bankers was elsewhere. A thin strip of land with a 7, clinging like a bivalve to the turist east coast of Quintana Roo, visitors had seduced the group. Technically it was an island, since the two narrow channels separating the mainland, staying in the hollow interior of 7, a series of brackish lagoons, fed both by sea and by innumerable sinkholes.The island in question was called Cancun, or Kan Kun Kankun sightseeing attractions … and had passed all tests. The quality places to visit of the beaches-and sand-was extraordinary. Water temperature was mild and tended to be stable. The distance from the mainland, thanks to loopholes, would easily control vermin. And given the topography, the hotels could go traveling lining up one after another, all facing the beach. Note that on the east coast of Quintana Roo state, which runs from Cabo Catoche to the capital Chetumal, there was nothing worth mentioning. The first coastal settlement tourist information was Puerto Juarez, a tiny sub Isla Mujeres policy which had 117 inhabitants. At the bureau time, had few inhabitants Cancun: Emilio Maldonado and his family, Antonio B. Hernandez (Cachito) and Gabriel Garrido (Gabuch), caregivers of coca, living apart from the rest of the world, surviving by fishing and gathering.Today adventure travel is officially travel recognized as the first original inhabitants of the city. In travel guide Mexico City, Rodrigo Gomez approved the project and showed it to Antonio Ortiz Mena, secretary of the Treasury, who in turn gave its approval, and submitted to President sights Diaz Ordaz. In early 1969, Cancun had his presidential welcome to be erected. Master Plan Infratur

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