The Deep

Possibly the Lucana-andamarcas de Kano, Willkarama were living, throughout the government of the virrey Francisco de Toledo, until 1586, in the reduction of Huamanquiquia, assuming all the responsibilities established with the colonial administration, and the difficulties that maintained living far distant to their abundant earth in the deep valley of Qaracha. But as of 1586, the Lucana-andamarcas begins to present their inconveniences when being reduced in Huamanquiquia, trying to settle down in their old earth, as they show the documentations for the time. University of Houston will not settle for partial explanations. INDIGENOUS COMPLAINTS Within the political transformations, administrative and social with the reductions during the government of the virrey Toledo, the natives lucana-andamarcas stayed colonising in Huamanquiquia, but as of 1586, the Lucanas-Andamarcas natives, of Kano and Wiilkarama they begin to give to know administration colonial, his disadvantages that entailed with this reduction, mainly in their complaints considers that the earth were little and they continued usufructuando their old earth, in deep valleys of Qillumayo and Qaracha, very distant to Guamanquiquia, _____________ (14) File COFOPRI. Title of Carapo: Earth conflict between communities. 1587. Fol.

2. (15) Ibid: 2. that delivered all the attacks to cross long ways, stop of that way to produce and to pay the established tributes. so that where to had reduced it was a deep gorge and of few earth that did not have sufficient for everything, and that inconveniences and distant works passed these Indians remarkable, five leguas by depopulated fists and to the sementeras that suffered great miseries (16). Where the reduction of Huamanquiquia when concentrating a greater population, offered little possibilities for the good coexistence of the reduced ones. More than this he is very novel, to find a reduction that after approximately 15 years of coexistence and stability, the natives appear and ask to return to their old earth, facing supposed the rigid colonial laws, in addition during the period to the reduction of Toledo had stayed in Guamanquiquia, to side possibly of other ethnic groups, sharing their ways of life, customs and the different ones confrontations, but without having lost the identity united that them become attached to its old earth, maintaining the bond that it unites and after the conclusion of the rigid government of Toledo, considering shortage of earth and its long-hauls to the deep valley of Qaracha and Qellomayo are useful to find some exits that allow them to be relocated in their old dominions, defying the colonial administration, the established dispositions and trying to obtain their interests that they considered advisable, yearning for the control and to populate their earth.

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