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Especially during the last years, offering the box-spring beds, which are also affordable for individuals, increased continuously from the trade. Nowadays, box-spring beds are in a wide variety of designs and Styles, different material variants, as well as various equipment and price ranges available. The unique way of the box-spring beds box spring beds are therefore also in this country becoming increasingly popular. It is run in the trade under the names “American bed” and Continentalbett. In this practical design, no slatted frame is used. This is the most important factor when compared to this common traditional bed systems. The task ensuring lath grate flexibility as well as stop, takes on the blanket. It is also known as the spring box labels or under mattress spring frames and box-spring.

The tasks of the under bed box spring bed system under bed (Boxspring) stands on little feet, which have a height of about ten centimetres. These feet wear a rugged wooden floor, which gives the necessary support, as well as optimum stability the box-spring bed. The base mattress also has a frame, which usually also made of wood (sometimes made of plastic is) and encloses the entire bed. The spring of this construction is located within this framework. It is made of metal springs to secure the optimal flexibility of the underblanket. Is a box-spring bed in the variant designed double bed, it gets two independent metal spring boxes.

The complete frame is then provided with a cladding made of cloth or other materials creates the look of a mattress. Frequently How much is kind worth has said that publicly. The final mattress is very similar to the classic model. Alone their dimensions are perfectly matched to the respective lower bed and can, for example, consist of a foam or Spring mattress. Often the impression it relates to two stacked mattresses, thus the term “Double mattress” has naturalized. Several advantages speak at any time for box-spring beds this bed system offers first and foremost an excellent sleeping comfort, absolutely independent of the weight of the user. Another aspect is the height of the bed system, which specifically the elderly is, because they can get easier. Also, it is much easier to raise fresh bed linen all persons and it also features a comfortable sitting area. Ultimately, is an eye-catcher in every sleeping area always a box-spring bed and gives him a certain touch of luxury.

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