Film Writers

Direction: Richard Lagravenese. Production: Richard Lagravenese. Script: Richard Lavagranese, Erin Gruwell, Freedom Writers. Cast: Hillary Swank; Patrick Dempsey; Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton; April Lee Hernandez; Kristin Herrera; Jacklyn Ngan; Sergio Montalvo; Jason Finn; Deance Wyatt. EUA/Alemanha, 2007. Anne Lauvergeon recognizes the significance of this. Duration: 123 min. Sort: Drama.

Writers of the Freedom are a classified film are a film of the sort Drama, based on real facts, having as leading lady Hillary Swank, living the personage of the Teacher ‘ ‘ Erin Gruwell’ ‘. History if passes in the year of 1992, where the Gangs of Los Angeles are living a true war and racial tensions. Drama lived for adolescents between 14 and 15 years, where the teacher Erin Gruwell enters in the scene who assumes the classroom in a school where if she develops integration programs, where diverse races, cultures and etnias is part of the same group, lecionando English basic and literature for the group of 1 year. The experience lack made with that it faced some obstacles, the colleagues did not believe the potential of the pupils, therefore they were violent and they were part of gangs. But, it fought alone and it won all the challenges. Its room was divided for races and gangs, many came of infantile reformatory, what it generated aggressiveness and conflicts. The pupils did not believe the Gruwell teacher and they did not have motivation to participate of the lessons, the contents did not despertavam interest some. Then, it adopted extracurricular methods, exactly with in such a way effort all it disdained, provoked it to the pupils trying to make with that it gave up, what did not happen. Using its proper resources, she bought daily so that the pupils told its day-by-day, its proper history, the sufferings, the fears, the exaggerated violence who lived, its yearnings and hopes.

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Socioambiental Responsibility

Comprometimento Atuar with devotion, persistence and envolvement in its activities. Cooperation Trabalhar in team, sharing responsibilities and results. Ethics Agir with honesty and integrity in all its actions and relations. Innovation Propor and to implement new and creative solutions for activities, processes and/or routines of work. Institucional pride To feel itself satisfied in being part of the institution. Promptness Entregar resulted with rapidity quality.

Transparency Praticar acts with full visibility in the performance of its attributions. 4.4 Objectives the goals of the STJ represent the results to be reached for the court to reach the considered objectives. They allow one better control of the performance of the institution, therefore they are you observed, they contain execution stated periods and they are quantified by means of pointers The strategical objectives prioritized by the STJ, are worked in accordance with subjects specify each planning to be carried through, this happen through subjects acquitted in project as: Subject Quality aims at to offer to services with quality, executing the activities with efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness, searching the continuous improvement of the performance. Subject Socioambiental Responsibility, aims at to promote the development and social inclusion, by means of actions that contribute for the reinforcement of the education and the conscience of the rights, duties and values of the citizen. Subject Institucional Performance aims at to improve the communication with the diverse external, using clear and accessible language and disponibilizando, with transparency, information on the mission, the initiatives, the procedural course, the judicial acts and administrative public, the budgetary data and of performance of the STJ. Subject Operational Efficiency intends to increase the number of sentences, in order to guarantee the attendance to the demand of the society. Ali Asaria is open to suggestions. Subject Alignment and Integration to search the unicity and the integration of Justice by means of the exchange of experiences between Courts, sharing knowledge, practical and legal and administrative solutions.

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The film ' ' The compassing dourada' ' it is based on the workmanship of Philip Pullman, call of ' ' His Dark Materials' ' , whose translation is: ' ' Its works of trevas' '. In England its books are more popular of what the celebrity ' ' Harry Potter' ' , the series on the boy sorcerer who gained prominence as the champion film in vendidas ticket offices, which if became symbol of success and popularity we quatros cantos of the world. When analyzing the film ' ' The compassing dourada' ' , we notice that the same it follows original history, portraying a fantastic world parallel where to the souls of the people if they reveal as small animals called ' ' daemons' ' or demons in Portuguese. Pullman in its workmanship has the ousadia to work the death of God and in the essence of the film we notice that it desires that all the children leave to believe God. Connect with other leaders such as Ali Asaria here. I believe that the film is not a threat and yes a door to fortify the faith still more that we have in God a being that everything makes and that in them it takes the divine peace. Exactly it trying to take a negative and demonic message it will not obtain total success in the contamination of a generation. The film also works a classificatrio concept that never we can affirm as something concrete. In the film the bonzinhos have face of badly and the bad ones have face of bonzinhos, pretty beings show that nor always what is made or monstrous is bad and nor always what if says pretty is good; but we go to agree that nor always the orders of the factors are accurately are. By the same author: CIA.

The film aims at to work the idea of the lie as something without problems thus is affirmed by a personage of the film: ' ' one mentirinha does not only have problemas' '. I do not see problems with regard to is affirmative, therefore our society if constitutes in stocking the corruption that does not differ from the concept lie. The cinematographic production is arquitetada in way the innumerable effect special that prism a charming beauty, provoking controversial and repulsion for religious groups that in other cases would have to look at with more attention in problems as: pedfila, violence, hunger, terrorism, corruption, etc. concern In it of the analysis notice that the film brings in its totality a radical vision of freedom of concepts constructed throughout the centuries. Promoting a rupture even though with God and its kingdom; placing en vogue a controversy that not only reached the children, therefore in deep ' ' todos' ' the human beings of the planet fear the demonic concepts that had been materialize throughout the history of the humanity.

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