Obtain Wellbeing

The different forms from life have an important paper in our emotional balance, for example the care of the environment or the possession of mascots, by all means that this works in the measurement which we totally enjoy our interaction the life, often we passed the beauty inadvertent because we do not pause to enjoy it. Whenever you are related positively to anyone of the life forms is in harmony with the creative forces of the universe, she can be through the plants, the animal, trees and even the minerals. In the past one thought that the other forms of life did not indicate scientific emotions, mainly when we spoke of the plants and minerals, but studies have demonstrated how the cells behave before certain emotions, or perhaps what it happens to him mainly to a tree before being cut if we have a bad feeling, now we know that until the water at molecular level it perceives certain emotions. It is precise that you can feel like an integral being to all the creative force, you you are not separated don’t mention it than he can observe, it is more Andrew Corentt in his book I I am Happy, I Am Rico says to us that everything what we see is our own one to be, that is to say you are his own universe. ussions such as these. Now you realize that must however, maintain a harmonic relation because at spiritual level you are united however, then neither you can damage to anybody nor nothing, except a itself, the material perception says to him that external things to you exist, but that is not certain, all the universe you are same you, now knows that it must take care of his own essence. In the measurement that you appreciate the life in all manifestations will begin to have a sensation of harmony and peace within incredible same you, please dese the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful thing of the life. The shaken life of the work often robs the opportunity to us of the meditation, the oration and the contemplation, practices observing constantly the creation. In the measurement that you learn to enjoy the gift of the then life will begin to flood it a wonderful level of well-being, that will allow him to create other things that you wish, no it is pressed, it worked calm with much faith, desire and determination but enjoying now more than ever.

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