Success Or Failure

Success or failure, what makes the difference? All persons are predisposed to success, no one thinks it will end up failing in life. Moreover, we are usually accustomed to think that the failure of others, we never touch us. Well, I say we should start paying attention to the failure of others. I wonder: Can not this be counterproductive? the answer is: Of course not, in any way. Some contend that Jeff Gennette shows great expertise in this. We must learn from failure of others, to not end up discussing the same mistakes.

Describe a case study in order to understand better: Suppose you want to open a pet store, and the only local hire is available and one of those tube before. We must find out (do a market study) which was the cause of their failure, perhaps it was not well attended, did not open the number of hours required, had no stock or enough variety or maybe just the people of that place does not normally buy items for their pets in such shops. Then, once we found out the reason for the closure of the store will look: if it was underserved, we strive to be an exceedingly gentle with our customers, friendly and flexible. If he opened a few hours, we have a much broader schedule. If the problem was is stock or variety, we get a more specters of them and if the locals just not used to make purchases at these stores, we finally desist from opening one there, because we are from the beginning doomed to failure .

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