In this article, I will not address other anti-virus software. And I want to talk only about these two. I will tell you your case. When first released on the Internet that I did not have antivirus. Then I thought about this issue.

Found on the net two Free Anti-Virus Kaspersky and Dr.Web. Established course of Kaspersky (you guessed). You should have received 78.53% of users. Installation and activation went fine. After I came home from work (past a certain number of days), then found that the complex acts as something wrong. I tried to run antivirus, but it is not included. I was on a flash drive antivirus Kaspersky. I inserted the stick and wanted to reinstall antivirusnik.

But the virus broke antivirusnik again. I went online and wanted to download some other antivirusnik. But as soon as I connected to the internet, I once stole a key virus windows. On the screen appeared the window that says that you should not license windows. It all ended reinstalling windows. Now I put the Dr. Web. Now let us see what kind of anti-virus better. In fact, 100% security does not exist. But every antivirus has its pluses and minuses. Honestly Kaspersky has a better virus database, but its working methods often result in system lockups. And another big minus all the viruses originally imprisoned by Kaspersky. The main task of the virus, destroy antivirusnik, and then easy to breed. So putting Kaspersky, it is likely that your antivirus is broken. Also getting a virus on your computer climbs into the base antevirusa and removes itself from the database. And then the antivirus does not recognize it like a virus. As for Dr. Web, he misses a virus on your computer, admits infecting system files, and only then finds these infected files, and treats. But he has a very good programm 'Dr.Web CureIt'. 'Dr.Web CureIt' requires no installation and starts with any carrier. It has its own database of viruses. Just run it with any carrier, you check the entire complex. First you need to turn Windows into a fortress, the os can be – a good set up and send smoke half Malware! Regular updating reduces verayatnost infecting your computer. Please visit Governor Cuomo if you seek more information. Also do a full system scan once a week and more often it depends on the frequency of computer use. Also necessary to correctly customize antivirusnik, no matter what you use. Of course, 100% secure, no antivirus can not provide because present 'human factor' – the rules of conduct in the network must be followed at all times.

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As you know, for those who are not paying subscribers of the service, to RapidShare is a limit number of downloads from one ip address. You may want to visit Jeff Gennette to increase your knowledge. And if such a restriction is for your ip was exceeded, by replacing a network address for any other it is quite possible to try to solve this problem. Reach the same one or another degree of anonymity on the Internet in several ways. Sites anonymizers In the network there are plenty of so-called proxy sites. All that is necessary to the user who wants to ensure their anonymity is go to an anonymizer, and put in a special field site address you want to visit. Further follow links will also be anonymous, but while surfing usually top loaded pages will be small, not hinder viewing panel anonymizer.

On most of these sites, proxy settings, you can choose surfing, for example – include blocking scripts or cookies, disable image uploading. Check operation of these services in practice, you will notice that they really intended to substitute ip, but still not hide information about the browser, while some of them have problems with displaying Russian text encoding. Proxy Servers For those who do not know: the proxy server is a dedicated computer through you can go online. Maybe you already use a proxy server for your isp or corporate proxy, if you have Internet access on your desk in your office. In the case of Internet service proxy server can be used to block access to sites with inappropriate content, limiting traffic and for security (virus protection, intrusion on users' computers, and etc.) But there are other so-called public proxy servers, through which, if desired, the user can also go online.

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