Facebook Companies

Nowadays social networks have evolved and offer possibilities which might seem unexpected a few years ago, for example, has included the possibility of having a store on Facebook where you can sell products and services that the company you want to or create your own page. Facebook has launched a guide for companies that wish to start using the social network in order to have a presence in it and promote your products or services. If you have read about Thredup already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It’s a tutorial Facebook for businesses and give life as well as performing ads, sponsored stories or social plugins. It is a really important tool for businesses of the future. The first step is the company or brand to create its own page and from there come the rest of indications, including the management of Facebook credits. To carry out this process Facebook Facebook proposed for companies.

The advantage of the pages about groups is that you can associate what they call notes and is nothing more than an import items from a feed that you indicate. Faced with the groups on Facebook lies one of the great potentials of the pages: its possibility to introduce applications and improve its functionality. Companies have seen an opportunity to expand your business on Facebook. Already there are many brands and companies that have been introduced in the social network and try by all means to use Facebook for business, as well as increase its visibility among users, among which is its target audience. If you’re not a computer expert or not know I afondo Facebook, it is not a problem, since the social network itself proposes a simple tutorial. Make a page on Facebook is very simple, just have to enter the page creation wizard and follow the steps that you are an indication, how to select the category and name. Another option to customize is the logo on the page, is as easy as putting the cursor over the logo by default (a question mark) and click Change photo. Once you have changed the picture repeats the process by clicking this time edit thumbnail and you can thus choose that you part of your logo will be on the Group wall or in the wall of the users who choose to share your page or any items published therein.

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