Hesselbein Leader

If you have a problem or a complaint, becomes it front, promptly and openly. Everyone must commit themselves as a group. The good leader then engages his followers in those situations that require solutions. Added to all this is reported by Don Ritchey, that: is essential for effective leadership know that you can not force people to do things. You must have desire to make them, and I think they have it if you respect persons who directs, if they have confidence that that person has a clear vision for the company I don’t have any bright ideas about how teach you an individual to be a leader, But what I do know, is that you can drive, unless there is someone willing to follow. If you intend to achieve an efficient leader, it is also necessary that this day in the knowledge of those fields in which it operates, where this committed, giving way to his creativity, as well as being fully identified with its responsibility, commitment, who knows how to persuade, motivate and not giving orders.

Consider what Warren Bennis suggests, that the evidence is consistent, maintain firm direction. In addition to consistent, i.e. you should practice what you preach. Reliable, is willing to support their peers at critical moments and certainly be complete, comply with the commitments and the promises given, now well, if you meet the aspects previously pointed out, it can be considered efficient leader. We suggest you give way to their actions in an organized manner, balanced with the proper handling of your emotional intelligence, demonstrate fairness, justice, respect, equality, fraternity and above all, to guarantee freedom and democracy. French Hesselbein said: the personal and organizational integrity is the key. Do things ever better, look for excellence in everything we do.

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