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In addition, another problem of interpretation can come and so indirect promotion can be understood like , an ample concept that we can affirm that it does consideration to the legality in the interchange of connections or banners that can turn out from the advertising collaboration between companies, being able to include other people’s contents in the communications authorized with clients or third parties. In this sense, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data has come sanctioning those assumptions in which the company has devised some system to send commercial post office omitting the exigencies of the LSSI (to have a previous and informed consent, or the previous existence of a contractual relation). Of this form, they have been possible to know sanctions by methods as sends to a friend, reason why a person resends a commercial mail that wishes to send the company. Continue to learn more with: Hikmet Ersek . In order to aggravate the subject on the matter, this conduct is particularly serious when it is realised of massive form, being well-known with anglicism Spam. e throughout. The low cost, the anonymity, the speed and the possibilities that offer have I allow the growth of this abusive form. Therefore, to be able to send of safe form advertising or promotional messages, it must specifically have solicitd or authorized by the adressees of the same, unless a contractual relation exists previous. To fail to fulfill this rule could constitute a slight infraction or burdens of the LSSI, with fines of up to 150,000 Euros. Ivn OntanRamos Right department TIC udea Security of the Information .

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