Lenin Komsomol Institute

Useful experience of ancestors could be used more effectively for future generations, and mistakes in life, too, should be made public, in order to prevent them avoid in subsequent generations. However, it is very important not overdo it, now look ridiculous attempts of some people to “write” themselves into a sort of aristocratic lineage. In this case, the people spoke only their own pride and no descendants of these attempts to help, of course, not will, though, who knows, after all, have to start somewhere. But enough philosophy, the need for my work, I think, justified enough, proceed directly to the description. In his summary, to explain those, or other of their actions and deeds throughout my life, I’ll be forced to involuntarily turn to the description of the business and personal qualities of those around me, I am deeply sorry in advance if these or other aspects will be reflected, In your opinion, is not correct, by this I do not try, just suggest to be very honest and show all the way it felt and saw myself, because I know what I know at his level, and possibly having more extensive information, would explain everything in a somewhat different form.

I would be grateful for any comments and suggestions as possible, one person, of course, limited, and advanced age does not allow remember the many moments and nuances. Description of my life on this site ends with “ordeals” in the status of the unemployed in February 2010, a further narrative guess record in another section or the blog site to its physical death, when will my health and financial situation, the Internet still pretty expensive thing in my position. Already there are offers to host the site Materials of my friends, fellow students in Riga Red Banner, the Lenin Komsomol Institute of Civil Aviation, my co-workers in the airline and the Ural Ural Branch Kazaeronavigatsia, looking for classmates from high Burlinsky school..

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