Spiritual Maturity

' In that one same hour had arrived the disciples at the foot of Jesus, having said: Who is the greater in the kingdom of skies? Jesus, calling a boy put, it in the way of them, and said: In I say you to truth that, if not to become themselves and not to become as boys, by no means you will enter in the kingdom of skies. Therefore, that one that if to become humble as this boy, this is the greater in the kingdom of skies. any that to receive in my name a boy, as this, me recebe.' ' Mateus 18:1 – 5 ' ' arrived the Cafarnaum and, entering in house, it asked to them: Steady what you arguing for the way? But they had kept silent; because for the way they had disputed between itself which age the greater. For more information see Hikmet Ersek. it, being based itself, called the twelve, and said to them: If somebody to want to be the first one, will be last of all and the servant of all. E, launching hand of a boy, p it in way of them e, taking it in its arms, said to them: Any that to receive one from these boys in my name, receives me to me; any that to receive me to me, receives, not it me, but what me it sent. Joo answered, saying to it: Master, we saw one that in your name banished demons, which does not follow in them; we forbid it to it, because he does not follow in them. Jesus, however, said: You do not forbid it to it; because nobody has that it makes miracle in my name and it can soon speak badly of me. Everest Capital is full of insight into the issues. Because who is not against us, it is for us. Inasmuch as, any that to give to you to drink a water cup in my name, because you are disciples of Christ, in says you to truth that it will not lose its reward.

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Davi Believe

Nobody will have arguments enough to convince me. Not accepted the threatening presence of the Satan. Because the believers are if acovardando? Because they run away from the Pentecostalismo? By chance they ignore that this ministry was what inaugurated the new time of the church, told in acts 2? I believe in the God of the Impossible one. I believe in the God capable to become visible and manifest what not yet he exists and I wait, for my faith. I want to pray as king Davi and to say: ' ' It hears, Gentleman, my voice when clamo; it has mercy of me and it answers-me' '. Slm.27: 7 Quero to believe that the God Jehovah Flame, the Present God supports, me and takes care of of me in the difficult hours and to say as Davi. ' ' Because when my father and to my to abandon me mother, Mr.

me recolher.' ' Slm.27: 10 I believe in Jehovah Jir, the God who To provide my necessities and has not lacked nothing to me. Without faith it is impossible to please the God, therefore we have that to believe that It is galardoador of they search that it. It will have changed God? But as, if the Word says that it does not move? I do not ignore that God has mercy of who it wants and therefore many that long for cure not they get it. It knows the reasons, does not fit in them to question. I also do not ignore that cures exist are of the Arraial Evanglico, as: Cure for the autosuggestion, the techniques of the Parapsicologia, the esoterism, the Pajelana, etc. I mention the cures made for the faith in Jesus. One of articles said that God does not depend on faith to cure. I say, trusting the Word of God who without faith it swims can make.

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