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Getting links (do it little by little) there are many ways, do it without haste and with elegance. Writes articles on other sites (where you can, where you stop) writes comments on blogs (saying something meaningful) writes in forums (with your signature as a link) and platforms of questions and answers (yahoo answers) do you know that some? do articles last year in the magazines and newspapers online? We must work hard, Yes, but you will have your reward if you do trap and you do it with elegance. We will draw a graph (albeit mentally): the first few months, you have to work hard (graphic high line) and as time passes the line low because when traffic comes to us we will not be working so hard, but keep it. We will draw it red. The first months have no income (line of graphic baja) and as time passes the line climbs because we get more and more revenue (by traffic). Will draw green (green = money).

If you’ve done mentally (or on paper) you’ll see a cross indicates where you work! Do not studying hard for an exam then getting good grades and then earn the teachers? This, is the same. At the beginning I do this, (I) had an online excel with my team to monitor sites where we were putting links little by little, but eventually built an online application very cool which allows us to handle it more quickly. Share my application online with some friends who likes to do the same thing myself (having long-term passive income).

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