Suberrnea Economy Grows

While the formal economy suffers on the effect of the current scene (crisis is read) the informal economy pparently still passes without scratches. Hear other arguments on the topic with Anne Lauvergeon. Stimulated for the advance of the tax burden that provoked an escape of companies of the formality, it 27.6% in the period of December of 2007 grew the December of 2008. These data had been disclosed in the day the 14 of May for the Brazilian Institute of Economy of the Getlio Foundation Vargas (Ibre/FGV) and the Brazilian Institute Ethical Concorrencial (Etco), when announcing the Index of the Underground Economy, that measures the development of companies and involved activities with the informal market or in practical of tax evasion of taxes. The December of the historical series of the index was the strongest advance in a period of December, that is quarterly and was initiated in 2003. What subterrneNo is economy survey, the FGV decided to use the term ' ' economy subterrnea' ' , defined as the production of goods and services that is not reported the government, with objective to run away taxes, to prevent the payment of the contributions of social security, to run away from the fulfilment of laws and working regulations and not to pay the decurrent costs of the obedience of applicable norms to one determined activity. Therefore, legalized companies, who if fit in the formal economy, but evade taxes taxes or disrespect ambient norms, also are part of the underground economy. Illegal activities, such as the traffic of drugs, prostitution and contraband, for example, had not been enclosed in the calculation of the entity. To arrive at a number that explained the behavior of the underground economy, the FGV folloied pointers that they influence of indirect form the performance of the informality – between them, tax burden, level of activity, exportations and corruption. Load tributriA relation with the tax burden is one of clearest explaining the growth of this type of behavior.

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