It is not necessary forget that the souvenir business – is not only a manifestation of attention, but also an integral part of any company's image, an indicator of its business culture. It is therefore important to souvenir evoke positive emotions and creating favorable conditions for business communication. For this to happen, business gift combined the attractive appearance, originality, usefulness and quality. It was then that he would help to goal. Promotional gifts promotional gifts distributed during promotions to customers and potential partners to communicate about your company to establish itself in the market and inform buyers about As their products and services. That is why the promotional products must always have high quality, otherwise the customers formed a negative opinion about spreading her company. In addition, important creative approach to this kind of "Souvenirs", because it directly affects its efficiency.

For example, an ordinary pen with company logo will be used only by one person, while on the stand with handle spring sucker placed at the front for the visitors, will be seen by tens and even hundreds of people. Some useful stuff, such as mini-cigarette case, lighter, bottle opener or a case for "flash" will find its way into any office, and will serve as a reminder to give them to us. Many companies do not stop at the stationery and move on. Today in the segment of corporate gifts have become increasingly popular "Edible" souvenirs. For example, candy, offered guests at the front reception, small bar of chocolate with the company logo and address, etc.

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