State Application

And the first one will be granted a patent for an invention, utility model or industrial design. Next, we explain how the patent on the objects industrial property in practice. First, you need to check the spirit of the invention in terms of its novelty and industrial applicability. In accordance with the Patent Law of the Russian Federation invention is new if it is not known in the art. At this stage it is necessary to inspect the bases of the Patent Library of the existence of analogous inventions and inventions of identity.

The most close analogue of the invention taken as the "prototype" and identifies the distinctive features of the invention of the "prototype". The next step is to analyze the present invention to meet the criterion of "inventive step". Patent Law of the Russian Federation establishes a requirement that an invention involves an inventive step if it is for the specialist (the inventor), not obviously follow from the prior art. You can then take up the preparation of an application for a patent for invention. It is necessary to fill out an application itself, observing all the bureaucratic rules required.

Especially when filling out applications to draw attention to the definition of the subject matter and correct claims. They are correct and beneficial title will not only expedite the review process, but also to prevent the emergence of "clones" of the invention. The application shall be accompanied by a receipt of payment State filing fee for a patent for an invention (it currently amounts to 600 rubles), 300 rubles for filing an application for a patent for utility model, 900 rubles for filing a patent application and examination of the design.

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