Star Seed

At this moment, God will have the chance to enter in Its creation. All the materialization processes will be suspended. No conceptual structure will obtain to transmit the grandiosidade of what &#039 will have to occur soon; '. (Arcanjo Rafael in Transmissions of the Star Seed, Ken Carey). She is necessary to remember that for this chaste one of msticos the Christ is not property of a religion, but yes a State of Conscience and a Cosmic Patent.

All planet, depending on its evolutiva stage, starts to receive the assistance from the Christ. Many are the names of Christ. Thus, in accordance with the Dr. Joshua David Stone, ' ' it is not by chance that the accurate moment between the expansion and the contraction of the Cosmos coincides with the second coming of the Christ and the end of the Mayan calendar. (…) At this moment we will feel in them as the Christ, the Atma, the Buddha, Perpetual I. We will recognize the collective conscience unified of all the humanity as our true identity.

We will understand our identity fully as God in them not according to defines and definition of the substance and the negative ego. We will recognize ourselves as a conscientious being that if express by means of a profusion of distinct forms. ' ' We go above to the other boarding of the displayed content: ' ' You are the located Creator to plan and to create the Perfection in its group and place that occupies in the Universe. I JOIN It exists and it controls in all part. You are the Autoconscincia de Vida, Una Supreme Presence of the Great Flame of Love and Light and in this manner, the only agent of energy in yours mundo' '. (Guy de Ballard). Joshua says that event 2012 is a planetary wakening whose outcome will be becoming in them capable to live two realities at the same time, part in the form and another part in the Totality of Everything what It exists.

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