Sports and Recreation Center Ta’majdan

Recreational Sports Center and Ta’majdan (Ta’majdan Sportsko rekreativni centar) is a sports complex located in the city of Belgrade, Serbia, which was founded by the Assembly of the city of Belgrade in 1958.
The area includes a swimming pool and deck with outdoor bleachers to accommodate 2,000 spectators, a diving platform with jumps of one, three, five and ten meters underwater windows and sixteen for the filming of the jumps. In the pools of this sports complex was held the first World Swimming melt Championships in the year 1973.
The outdoor stadium “Ta’majdan” has capacity for 5,000 spectators and can be practiced in the indoor football, basketball, fencing and volleyball. In the complex there are also facilities for the practice of aerobics, fitness, massage, cultures, gymnastics and rehabilitation as well as sauna and solarium.
Inside the sports complex is also the Pioneer Hall can seat 6,000 spectators, which is used for all types of sports covered, such as gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, handball, tennis and contact sports. Also inside the complex, a pavilion of ice ready to practice all sorts of sports on ice with a capacity of 2,000 spectators.

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