Sade Medicine

Difficulties for the implantation of the Plan of Management of Residues of Services of Health in Accord with the Regulamentadora Norm Number 32. The envolvement of the workers in the elaboration and implementation of prevencionistas measures is a way simple and practical to give effectiveness to the initiatives in this field, since in this way the interested ones with the attainment of results are committed main. The prevention is not a question that can be in the dependence of the good will of ones or the sense of cooperation of others, therefore has extremely excellent economic and social implications. It must be treated, therefore, with the same seriousness and the same severity excused to the too much whistled factors to the enterprise management. MANUSCRIPT OF RESIDUES OF HEALTH SERVICES separation. As example it is cited in the case of an injectable not quimioterpico medicine administration, is had as residue proceeding from the procedure the blister contaminated with medicine remaining portion, the syringe contaminated with medicine and blood, the pack of the syringe and the service of dressing (cotton and/or gase, etc) used in the finishing of the procedure.

It has the necessity of if verifying the classification of the above described residue for the professional who managed the medicine, that is, the nursing technician. This professional one has generally covered 50% of the functional picture of the hospital, it works in turns and it makes exchanges of turns with colleagues of its sector or of other sectors. This makes it difficult the action of training of this professional who beyond working in turns, what already she generates certain level of stress, also has in the environment the exposition possibility the infectum-contagious illnesses, virulncias and a work rhythm that has intensity peaks where the segregation of the residue is in last plan. EXPOSITION OF WORKERS TO GLUTARALDEDO (CIDEX) glutaraldedo is one dialdedo saturated with powerful action biocide.

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