Review Medion GoPal

Review: Medion GoPal P5235 EU + With 5-inch screen Medion GoPal P5235 EU + targets with the users who are looking for a Navi with stately screen. In the test, the device showed size not only in this point. Special feature: The Medion GoPal P5235 EU + has a touch screen with a diameter of 5 inches. This size is rare, but particularly suitable for users who want large buttons on the screen. You can easily operate the Navi without the pen manufacturer on the back of the device has integrated. Another advantage: the displayed map section is comprehensive. Cons: The screen size is energy-intensive. This is demonstrated by the battery life.

After 2 hours, final was when we ran the Medion GoPal P5235 EU + without power supply. Also, the Navi is simply too big to take it as a pedestrian. Facilities: The supplied suction cup offers a bracket that is tailored to the size of the device. In addition, we found a Y-USB cable and a power adapter for the car in the package. The maps stored on CD for 37 countries in Europe. However, only data from nine countries were on the test device. And, although the navigation system with 2 GB SD card was equipped.

In the P5235 EU + integrated is the TMC module. However, two TMC throw antennas were in the Navi. The Medion model dominated also TMC to TMC pro, will play MP3 files, displays images, and offers an alarm clock function and a Sudoku game. In addition, an FM transmitter is fitted. The polyglot travel guide we found information to 19 European countries – short text without images. Handling: The volume of Medion GoPal P5235 EU + can be adjusted laterally on the unit located – convenient. Medion provides theft protection with password and fingerprint sensor. In addition, the Navi software has been revised. Thanks to the clear structure, the user always knows where he is. The address is beautifully resolved: country, postal code, city and street appear overall on the screen. This speeds up the input. Either can navigate along a route to coordinates. Navigation: up to the first GPS signal It took around 1:10 minutes – okay. Really fast I was calculating the actual routes. On average, the Navi 7 seconds needed. While it remained just as fast as creating Alterativ routes Europe-wide targets. The lane Assistant and the voice prompts including street names facilitated the orientation. Lean, we found that only one vote (german, female) stood for election. It turned out however, as pleasant and polite. At the same time, she gave clear instructions. We felt only text-to-speech speak partially pronounced as something mechanical. Conclusion: Overall the Medion GoPal P5235 EU + is a Navi with solid routing services. The large screen although facilitates the control, however, offers little advantage when navigating. Despite travel guide information played on, the device is too big to take as pedestrians or cyclists. Klaus Hans

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