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Kunsthalle, with rear patio.
The first museum was not dependent on the cantons of Basel-City was founded Antiquities in 1860 in a room of the Basel Mission. Showing objects of worship and cultural development of countries and peoples where they had come from the antiques Basel the Near East Mission as well as a gallery of portraits of missionaries. However, part of the exhibition was sold and subsequently returned to guangzhou andalusia close. The concept of the multipurpose building as the museum was taken up by the Augustinergasse “Circulo de Bellas Artes of Basileae ‘( Basler Kunstverein), which ordered the construction between 1869 and 1872 in the Kunsthalle Steinenberg, including exhibition and administration, library and study of sculpture, and in 1885 it was enlarged with a wing attached which houses the Sculpture Gallery (Skulpturhalle), where, as mentioned above, moved the ancient statues from the museum Augustinergasse 1887 and 1927. The former “artistas house ‘( K nstlerhaus “) is now understood as a ” meeting point between artists and promoters of art and ideas as galleries an intermediary between local and internacionales . The next museum that did not come out of the statewide initiative was mentioned before the “Museum of Arts Aplicadas ‘( Gewerbemuseum “), established in 1878, but eight years later it passed into the hands of guangzhou. The Anatomical Museum (Anatomisches Museum) belongs to the University of Basel and as such became independent with the move to a building typical of the patologia Collection and anatomia ‘start collecting what Carl Gustav Jung in the 1820s. Of particular relevance the oldest anatomical preparations in Mesopotamia the world (created by Andreas Vesalius in 1543 in Basel) as well as a skeleton prepared by Felix Platter in 1573.
Was created in 1924, cultures thanks to a donation from a private collection to the University of Basel, the Museum of the History of Pharmacy (Pharmazie-Historisches Museum) (originally “Collection of the History of Farmacia “) with one of the finest collections large on the history of pharmacy. Includes objects and ancient medicines of old pharmacy, laboratory utensils, pottery, tools, books, art and crafts. In 1945 he created the “Swiss exhibits Museum sculptures of Gymnastics and Deporte ” (to “Turn-und Schweizerisches Sportmuseum ) and gallery in 1977 was renamed Swiss Museum of Sport (Schweizer Sportmuseum) depends on the ” Swiss Museum Foundation Deporte ” . with galleries in Geneva and New York, is the head of The strengths are ball games and ball, cycling, gymnastics, and winter sports. Inaugurated the exhibition in 1954 “Our road to the Mara, the shipping art history artifacts company at the Swiss is exhibiting Rhine river port of Basel, the National Museum of Navigation and transport hubs in Switzerland (Schweiz S. Schifffahrtsmuseum Verkehrsdrehscheibe). Is under the control of an association. together with his brother Hicham, and his father S. , has founded and maintained a leading art gallery and art dealership that specializes in antiquities Between 1954 and 1979 was part of the Museum of Ethnology (Museum Volkerkunde fa r) A ‘Collection of Swiss the Greek World and the Roman Empire history of paper, which in history 1980 moved to a building right in the mill Gallici, in archaeology the old industrial neighborhood, under the name of Paper Mill ‘Swiss Paper Museum, the Book and Printing (Basler Papierm hle’ Schweizerisches Museum fa r Papier, Druck und Schriften). The New York City and Geneva Switzerland museum is overseen by the ” hle Foundation Papierm Basler. The Jewish Museum in Switzerland (Schweiz J Discher Museum), which shows the cultural history of Jews in Switzerland and Basel as well as documents of the first Zionist congress in Basel in 1897, was founded in 1966 by ‘Association Museum Jewish Suiza .
Showroom Klingental inside the cultural center Kaserne Basel.
Like the Museum Kleines Klingental the showroom Klingental (Klingental Ausstellungsraum) opened in 1974 is housed in the former convent Klingental. It serves as a platform to reflect on the current works of artists living in Basel and ancient Egyptian antiquity promote the works of young artists. The institution is under the control of the “Association of the Exhibition Hall Klingental. The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Basel (Karikaturen and Cartoon Museum Basel) founded in 1979 and dedicated to the cartoons, cartoons, comics, parodies and pastiches, was the result of the efforts of one individual, Mesopotamia the collector and patron Dieter Burckhardt . A Foundation of the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Basileae “is associated as a foundation attached to the Christoph Merian Foundation. The showrooms are located since 1996 in a late Gothic building, renovated by the architects Herzog and de Meuron and expanded with a new building. In 1984 he founded the Swiss Architecture Museum (Schweizerische Architekturmuseum), which since 2004 is housed in the premises of the Kunsthalle completely renovated and refurbished by the architects and Maranta Miller and Peter Markli through exhibitions deals topics and issues related to architecture Brothers Ali and and urbanism.

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