Hello. I am Lightning. If you do energy service company not mind, I would like to further natural gas discuss your claim that nuclear power is “clean.” I think that is not true. New York has a number of energy supply companies, the one offering the best prices and service in New York City is Nuclear power produces waste that must be treated New York City specially, and not to cease to be radioactive spent a lot of years. Furthermore, the NPP should be electricity closed each, not whether New York State it was 150 years environment and buried to avoid radiating outward. A crack in a containment area can be fatal to the surrounding utilities flora and fauna. I think that is even cleaner combustion, which also are developing better filters and the contamination is in contact because of the atmosphere, not being on the earth (as the waste NY that can not be soil outdoors)
Saludos Ratchet – Lightning (talk) 20:04 green energy 26 ESCOs February 2008 (UTC)

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