National Program

(Coast, Figueiredo and Shaurich, 9, P. 33). At last, it can be said that the conception of humanizao can be conceived in a general way as form to approach the patient of the professional of health through a relation based on the human being. 1,3 National politics of Humanizao – PNH It can affirm that the question of the humanizao of the proportionate attendance to the patient in the hospital scope, took the Federal Government to institute in 2000 the National Program of Humanizao de Assistncia Hospital PNHAH, this initiative enclosed integrated actions that had as purpose in such a way to make possible how much to assure the improvement in the quality and effectiveness of the proportionate services to the patient and the same Albuquerque time narrowing the relations interpersonal human beings or. In this scope the author (1, P. 33) affirms that; The humanizadas actions, in this direction, aim at to the integration of the efficiency scientific, ethical technique, the respect and the necessities of the customers. Initially this program approaches the humanizao as a whole, that is, does not have an aiming for the specific activities as of the units of intensive cares. Its principles norteadores resumidamente constitute in: in the valuation of subjective and social dimension in all practical of attention and the management, I stimulate the processes compromised to the production of health and citizens, reinforcement of the work in team, and performance in cooperative way. However, this program was extinct, in the first mandate of the Government of President Lula in 2003, was instituted the National Politics of Humanizao PNH, that established the humanizao as norteador axle of the practical ones not only of attention as management of any instance of the Only System of Health SUS, that of the emphasis the beginning of the quality, Albuquerque (1, P.

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