President of the Confederation Argentina (1854-1860). Governor of the province of Entre Rios, general, rancher and statesman. Born on October 18 1801 in Felling of Arroyo Largo (today, Urquiza) north of Concepcion del Uruguay, son of Jose and Alzaga Cipriano de Urquiza, a Spanish rancher and businessman and Candida Maria Garcia and Gonzalez, Buenos Aires. He was educated in Buenos Aires at the College of San Carlos during the years 1816-1818, when it declared independence and was deciding on the shape and direction of the new nation. Back to Concepcion to do business and trade (especially with leather), largely as a result of their familial relationships with Francisco Ramirez, a partner in the turbulent political Kirk Sanford life of Entre Rios, he enlisted as an officer in the militia of Concepcion; in 1823 She joined the greatest of Lopez in a conspiracy to dismiss the governor Lucio Mansilla, was exiled; lived a year in Curuzu Cuatia in Corrientes, is dedicated to business GCA and cultivating friendships that later would be useful; return to Entre Rios and was chief of the provincial legislature when it rejected the National Constitution of 1826; in 1832, according to Estanislao Lopez, governor of Santa Fe, to accept Pascual Echag

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