Ruben Cedeno is among the founders of metaphysics in Caracas as a disciple of Conny Mendez since 1969. Who then gave metaphysics with its publications and conferences conducted since 1970. Besides being trained by Conny Mendez, was formed in the fraternity Rosacruz Max Heindel in Oceanside, California, USA, in the Theosophical Society in Caracas and Adyar, India, where he had the opportunity to meet Jiddu Krishnamurti in 1980 (see photo appeared in the book ‘One Thousand Moons’ of Juddi Krishnamurti), the’ Society tightly to the World Service ‘in New York and the Dominican Republic. In 1970 he met the lama Verweis of online Kargy tpa, which began in the Tibetan Buddhism, which has expanded studies in repeated trips to India, where Gautama Buddha was born and lived as Kapilavastu and Lumbini in Nepal, respectively Boddhgaya , and Vaisali Sarnath, where Buddha is lit, and gave his first sermon, and last, respectively, which has facilitated the spread in America, through their works in the cultures of the East. In his talks with metaphysics sets a very high level of cultural information, historical rigor and a clear dominance in the history of philosophy. All activities are free and are conducted in universities, athenaeums, cultural institutes, libraries and prestigious hotels. Has trained generations of teachers metaphysics. Fruit of his extensive and continuous work, this teaching today, with 297 tanks in all countries of America, regions of Spain, Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Sweden. Anthem is the creator of metaphysics’ I Am Perfect ‘and the shield of’ Maltese Cross’ with the heart and Triple Flame, apart from his first teaching guide, all approved by Conny Mendez. He was the first to compile and run the Castilian translation of the ‘Complete Works of Master Saint Germain and Emmet Fox. 19 editorial adviser is metaphysics of America and Europe. In addition to coordinating several non-profit associations in various countries, runs 32 Web sites content metaphysical. He has recorded 100 video documentaries in archaeological sites of the Holy Land, India, Nepal, Tibet, Rome, China, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Europe and America on the life of Jesus, several saints, the Buddha, history and culture of mankind related with metaphysics.

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