Marketing During

Marketing During March 2008, began to filter and formal photos of the filming. The first photo leaked Weaver sees Emi and classes in school and at their tables, as well as images of an eclipse. Days later, filtered photos may develop in September where the final scene of the film. The producer said that the sequel to Dragon Ball will be filmed from March 2009. James Marsters clarified several questions about his character in Dragon Ball, including who will participate in the entire trilogy, and will maintain his role. In April, it was revealed more photos of the production. Among the pictures you can see Goku’s costume, were characterized as Bulma and Yamcha, and photos of other actors and sets of the shooting. Days later could see more pictures, but this time officers. It can be seen characterized Emmy Rossum, Eriko Tamura Ernie Hudson.Also see the actor Ian Whyte, Justin Chatwin twice characterized and more pictures of other actors and sets used. Ed French, makeup in the film, showed a photo where he saw Lord Piccolo to characterize where you could see her dress perfectly, but where there is revealed the final appearance of James Marsters. It also emerged that the role of Lord Piccolo was offered by Ron Perlman, but he refused because he was shooting the sequel to Hellboy. James Marsters spoke again of his character, and said he spoke with the producers to change the aesthetics of your character and make it more decrepit. The production revealed details about the sequel to Dragon Ball. Including possible locations, dates and part of the plot. Appeared more photos of the actors while shooting in the mountains. During these days in Japan was released the Teaser Poster.James Marsters followed more data filtering, among them who use spiritual energy or ki. In May, they were more photos of the volcano where the final scene was filmed. Weekly Young Jump magazine made a little story of the movie where filtered photos of Goku and Bulma characterized. Another magazine, Roadshow, filter images of some characters characterized as Goku, Yamcha, Bulma and Master Roshi. It was revealed the role of Ernie Hudson, it would be based on an adaptation of Mutaito. Almost mid-June, was eliminated from the script part final where Piccolo and Roshi involved. At the Licensing International Expo in New York, was unveiled 2 promotional images of the film. In one sees Goku with a stick that could be the Nyoib . Another image shows Roshi, Bulma and Chichi. Jump Scare The magazine did a feature film, which was seen previously seen photos of Goku, Bulma, Chichi and Roshi.Also, get a new picture of Yamcha. They are also pictures of the bike that Bulma will use the radar of the Dragon Balls, the room of Piccolo, Goku’s costume, the set of the volcano, the dojo training and the box where Goku saves your 4-star Dragon Ball. The American magazine U.S. Shonen Jump has given an interview about the film, publishing photos already seen. Later this month a large poster leaked official where are Goku, Chichi, Bulma, Roshi, and Mai. In the background you can see the eyes of Piccolo. Could also see a picture of the actor Randall Duk Kim in Durango. He also leaked a picture view as the Fullum Assassin. In July, the actress Janene Carleton, leaked a picture of himself characterized as Bulma. Jump SQ magazine, published more photos of the film. They can see Goku, Bulma, and Roshi. Also rose to a new video network where they struggle and Chi Mai. Playboy also did a feature with photos of the film.Hung another poster, where Goku is back with a suit very similar to the sleeve, top, orange, blue pants. The company Immediate Music revealed that they have developed the music for the teaser. The actress Jamie Chung spoke on his character, Chichi in an interview. The magazine V-Jump posted photos of previously seen the film. Other journals and Nikkan Sports, Roadshow 9, Weekly Shonen Jump and Young Yump also followed with the promotion. Jamie Chung in an interview at Comic-Con made reference to his work in the film. Was also a report spoke of old where the shooting of the film festival. It also shows a photo of the recording when Goku goes to high school and is hit by Fuller. They also refer to a conversation and discuss the picture where they appear Emi filtered and Weaver. After a long time, 20th Century Fox Christina filter through the first official image Inman in high definition.In August, he began to see more official images, from which one could see back to Goku and Chichi Mai.

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