Vargas LLosa the brave can walk with eyes closed-proverb Swedish Latin America once more makes an appearance in literature and conquers a new Nobel Prize, that as reminds us: six with the Peruvian Spanish are Latin Americans who have reached this lauro: Gabriela Mistral (1945), Miguel angel Asturias (1967), Pablo Neruda (1971) Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1982)Octavio Paz (1990) and, now, 2010 Mario Vargas Llosa. On December 10, Vargas Llosa will attend the ceremony of the Nobel Prize in Stockholm, which in addition to the recognition of his vast career Mario Vargas Llosa will receive $ 1.5 million, it is possible to trace their contributions and quality easily in his first books was a writer from left, close to the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro friend; However, as a result of the sonadisimo case Padilla gave a 180 degree turn and became the couple’s right writers alongside Jorge Luis Borges most important of Latin America; However, the work of creation from the born in the aristocratic neighborhood of Miraflores has remained unharmed to their ideological vagaries. As they say in the reasons for awarding him the prize, his cartography of power is the most prominent literary Quicksilver’s current prose in our great country. Vargas Llosa starts strong and very young his foray into the letters of the Hispanic world; win the Biblioteca Breve Prize awarded by the publishing house Seix Barral, this with the novel the city and the dogs, at 26 years there in 1962. Little is not your work, and not homogeneous, has written Theatre (chunga), story (on Sunday), essay (the perpetual orgy), to mention only a few examples; but the genre that has allowed him to reach the horizon of transcendence has been the novel, some of them capital to understand our context, for refocilar us with his splendid prose, I say some indispensable: the city and the dogs, conversation in the Cathedral, the war of the end of the world, the feast of the goat, history of Mayta. .

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