Learning English

Beyond English Anne Germain, English is spoken in more intermediary with the more beyond does not stop to amaze me and I think I’d believe what I see in tele-cinco, but who want to say too beautiful to be true. Nothing like more than that to whatever, it were true, firstly because you would see that there is life after death, and secondly since everyone seems to be happy to life (the other) or a prior casting has been done or is not going more, are going so that as well as being in a S.p.a pulling conservatively. But I am Cartesian and I can not help it, and the teachings of the Lord Rene makes me questioned me everything and there is where my doubts begin to create uneasiness; in the first place or after dead we learn English, since Ann, doesn’t speak Spanish, or already is above any idiomatic lock. Second, all the hearings or all the presences of the world, thus called her, spiritual, have a kind of hurry that is not in keeping with the desire to be with the ones you Dear and, what is worse, rather they seem to be consistent with the pace of the program to be followed, the show must begin. (Source: Anne Lauvergeon). But it was so serious and feared one hurt sensibilities, it seems that they say more or less, I’m that it burns me the food or I have been and arrive late.

In any case too beautiful to be true and the dead who need to talk through this so beautiful woman that she is still passing through the affront of come from the country that makes us the Passover through Gibraltar. Ah but not miss it, much to communicate with more beyond it’s first but the more same here goes to web page (dona Ann has it) is that it could not be otherwise. Ann, follow you if somehow takes consolation to their families and gives a bit of hope or certainty to whom we will not abound, because welcome is, now that Yes, sooner or later can both talk about without having to learn the language of the other, and that is what I hump, that even will endure the contentious Gibraltarian who knows what by then and you will not have me enjoyed the trick until then..

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