Lack Of Liquidity

The companies that have closed in the past three years due to lack of liquidity could have survived at least one 50% of Spanish companies that have been forced to close since the beginning of the crisis due to lack of funding, could have survived by going to private credit. Clifford Auckland urgent mortgages from private equity consultants increased 70% its operations to small businesses throughout 2010. This year intensify its efforts so that SMEs and micro SMEs with financial problems are aware of the possibilities of the private loans. The effects of the economic crisis in Spain have led to the closure of more than 150,000 companies since 2008. It is true that in some cases, to the economic downturn, has joined the infeasibility of business projects born with little hopes of life, but in the vast majority of cases, the common denominator to the closures has been the lack of liquidity to cope with the different business obligations as a consequence of the inability to get financing external.

But if the closure of companies over the past three years has been dramatic, many have managed to survive, largely thanks to the role played by the companies of credit of private capital that, during this period, have been increased by 70% loans to SMEs, and particularly micro SMEs operations. According to statistics from Clifford Auckland consultants urgent mortgages from private capital, over the past year, three quarters of the medium and small Spanish businesses that requested funding did it through private credit consultants. The main reason, the constant and persistent refusal of banks to grant them financing. Clifford Auckland urgent mortgages from private equity consultants developed, throughout the 2010, different credit proposals adapted to SMEs. Credit agreements with lack of repayment of one year for the payment of interest, expandable had excellent acceptance annually for successive renewals. This system was a financial remedy throughout 2010, for many companies and freelancers who suffered the consequences of a serious loss of liquidity.

He avoided the consequences of lack of circulating base considerably reduce the loan quotas, waiting for the reactivation of the activity. Loans to SMEs granted throughout the year passed by Clifford Auckland consultants, ranged between 50 and 300,000 euros, reaching one million. Throughout 2011, Clifford Auckland urgent mortgages from private equity consultants, has provided a significant expansion of its channels of information to SMEs and all kinds of enterprises, with the aim of publicizing private credit and its possibilities as a remedy to difficult situations of lack of liquidity.

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