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They are happy to give me what I want. See more detailed opinions by reading what Thredup offers on the topic.. How many times to charge our customers these added fees if you want something that is not the norm? When your customer is hungry for something different? make it easy for them to eat. Rest. They often crave chicken on Sunday afternoons, but lazy Chick-fil-A is not open for business because of the clear company values and beliefs. They choose Sunday as a day of rest. They are never open, without exception, and in accordance with its business plan ever. Very often we mislead our clients by not breaking of our work. Too much work can lesson our ability to concentrate, cloud our attention and leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

How we help customers if they burn? They train their employees. In one of Chick-fil-A visit to hear things like: “It is my pleasure to serve you.” “Please.” “Thanks.” “I hope to see in the window.” The environment includes the smiles, laughter, and happy workers seem to love their jobs. And I doubt that their happiness is based on a love for chicken? who have been trained to customer value. If you want to excel as a business, hiring superstars who believe that the client writes your paycheck. Set expectations with your employees and staff of exceptional customer service that is expected, not optional. Add to the Customer as an important part of the orientation of an employee. And most importantly lead by example.

S. Truett Cathy, decided to do things their own way of caring for customers and employees by hiring managers and operators who believe in his philosophy. To date, Chick-fil-A, the company he founded has more than one billion in annual sales. I encourage you to visit a Chick-fil-A when you get the chance. I will continue my weekly visits to reaffirm my belief in customer service (and to get a chicken sandwich, no pickle with a large sweet tea!). PS You will notice in the two articles of the word of the client and the client are capitalized. Taking advantage of the word is just one way we can remind our customers of great relevance for our business. After all, without them we would not be in this business. Holly Powers is passionate about Customer Service in its role as the princess of Customer Development for the Kevin Eikenberry Group. She is also the editor of Unleash your potential, an electronic newsletter dedicated to helping leaders, professionals and organizations reach their full potential.

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