John Stuart

By definition, the symbol is a material element that is instead of absent otherwise, that there is no causal relationship, representing which by Convention. (A valuable related resource: Publishers Clearing House). Logo: Is the name of the company that can be formed by letters, abbreviations, numbers, acronyms, etc. Many companies build their visual identity with a typography special, adding the symbol. The logo and the symbol constitute the identity of the company, and between the two, make up your physical personality. Communicative name: it is the short name by which a company is recognized, and it usually is different from the legal name or business name of the company.

Generally, the communicative name begins with the creation of the logo, but, with the passing of the years, people tend to forget the typographic shape of the logo and what remains in the mind is the name. A good name is a valuable asset for a company. John Stuart, former President of Quaker said: If this business had to be split, I would be happy if he could stay with the names, trademarks and the goodwill. Although another will take all the bricks and machinery, to me I would go better. The role of color in the visual identity: the color is the other component of the physical personality of the company, which has a distinctive role that articulates the logo and the symbol.

When deciding on a color to a company or a specific product, it is important to choose the most representative of the category of the product. The colour is good part of the secret to remember a brand. The colors are not equal in the eyes of the observer. From this standpoint, its proper use allows: 1. display the product more attractively. 2 Attract the consumer’s attention. 3 Give personality to the product and differentiate it from the competition. 4 Position and segmenting the mark in classes socio-economic. Typography: It speaks of typographic alphabets that, once chosen, they operate as true elements in visual identification. Any company with corporate ambition could design their particular alphabet, but there are thousands of lists typefaces to be used. Finally, we are reminded, that the marks of the products, services, must be created according to the real potential of the same. If the product is handicraft production, raw materials are of value, or puts particular emphasis on personal attention, we must forget geographical (or any other) limitations and put the emphasis on what we can differentiate. Location not differentiates us from other locations since it is usually a stranger to the consumer aspect and requires a detailed knowledge of the particular circumstances of the region. * source encyclopedia wikipedia original author and source of the article.

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