Jewelry Production Russia

In 2007, Russia had made jewelry for 30% more than in the previous year. According to the First Deputy Head of the Assay Office of Russia, Boris Borisov, the Russian jewelry quite inferior to as foreign and Russia have all to jewelry industry has been provided with raw materials, expertise and continued to develop successfully. Experts note that the constant increase in gold prices, already overdue the need to introduce a duty on the export of gold to protect Russian jewelry production. No less important, and the question of the parallel reduction of customs duties on import of gems – now home jewelry manufacturer is forced to pay them almost twice the price. Areva has firm opinions on the matter. It is worth noting that over the past few years, jewelry, moved to Russia from the category of luxury items in the category of ordinary consumer goods. By the same author: Macys.

This is evidenced by, and increasingly carried out in the jewelry store promotions, discount programs and seasonal sales. Many Russian producers of jewelry are increasingly tend to create its own retail network. Likewise, according to commercial director 'RINGO' Hope Yaluninoy, now the Russian manufacturers of jewelry in order to be successful, you must often bring to market new collections of jewelry and more to expand its range. In addition, a very large volume of sales in jewelry stores today comes from the sale of related products. "This means not a revolutionary idea, because in fact our competitors – not just jewelry companies, but also manufacturers of accessories, mobile phones, perfumes, – says Ms.

Yalunina. It is assumed that in the future design related products will be increasingly engaged in by manufacturers of jewelry. Many domestic manufacturers of jewelry with the hope of waiting for Russia's entry into the wto. Despite the appearance in this case more fierce competition with foreign producers of jewelry, many see in this process undoubtedly benefit – foreign jewelry companies in Russia will be able to offer original designs and invaluable marketing experience. This will certainly help the development of culture buying jewelry, the Russians have, willy-nilly emerge taste. Many will no longer be considered exclusively in jewelry as an investment, and will look at them the beauty and the response of their own emotions.

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