Everything on behalf of the identity, of the preservation of ' ' eu' ' national against the interventions of ' ' outro' ' dominador. We can observe that in the course of history, different human groups if had organized defining its national-cultural identity. This phenomenon can be observed, for example, in Africa, where the traditional nations if had organized independently before the arrival of the colonizador European who intervened as one ' ' outro' ' , modifying the relations of the diverse nations, beyond redefining borders in accordance with the European interests. The same phenomenon if gave in America where the different aboriginal groups already had defined its identity before the arrival of the colonizadores. However the contact with the colonizador produced deep alterations, as much that some nations had deprived of characteristics its identity or had been exterminadas in the contact with the colonizador. We notice, in these two examples, that the relation of ' ' eu' ' (of some African or American nations) and ' ' outro' ' (colonizador European) it produced a descaracterizao of ' ' eu' ' (African/American) for ' ' outro' ' (European). Africa, that throughout millenia had produced one efervecente multiracial/multicultural/multitnico cauldron was transformed into a confusion of nations with European characteristics to the point of the local wars to have if transformed in a commercial warehouse for the interests, the weapons and wars of the Europeans (initially in the colonizador process and later in the imperialista process); in the same way in America: the innumerable societies and nations highly developed had been transformed into a stranger mixture of countries where four European languages prevail (English, Portuguese, Spanish and French) if overlapping to the innumerable ones that they existed in the pre-Columbian period and where the diversified ones you practise religious had been as that unified in one it amalgamates Christian.

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