Internet Banner Advertising

Everyone knows the word banner in English translates as banner, flag. However, the most widely he had received no outside advertising, where, in fact, there was the concept, namely in advertising over the Internet. In As a banner on the Internet typically use a dynamic image format gif. Educate yourself with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. Most often, the banner is placed on the Internet for advertising purposes and furthermore, each banner links to another page of the same or another site that is advertised. With the help of a banner can be advertised not only online resource, but also certain service or product. Banner advertising was ubiquitous in the network – this is one of the most outstanding, convenient and effective ways of advertising.

How decorated banner, hosting, most will be determined by the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. The banner should be made bright, noticeable, and most importantly, unobtrusive. Banners should be entrusted to professionals. There is a kind of banner ads – automated, which redirects users to the advertised resource, even in the event that they are only will induce him his arm. This, of course, is very beneficial for someone who places a banner, but it is extremely unpleasant for the visitor, who was sent to another site compulsorily.

There are some traditional geometric sizes of banners. This banner 88×31, 100×100 and 120×60 pixels. Other sizes of banners are used less often, but it's very important that the weight of the banner on the average did not exceed 10-15 kb. Although limited in size banner is difficult when using format flash. The main indicator of the effectiveness of banner advertising – a measure of the ctr (level "CTR"), which displays the response of the banner. For example, the rate of ctr, equal to 5% means that on the banner of 100 hits just clicked five times. Of course, such a value index of ctr can be found rarely. The average value of the response of the banner is now 2%. For what purposes are now using a banner? 1) Create a positive company image in the eyes clients. 2) An effective demonstration of a service or product. 3) Attract new customers. Generally speaking, the banner has the same features as the standard graphics or multimedia ad, but it should be noted that the banner advertising has many more features of the most diverse and creative advertising ideas.

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