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The Governor announced that the province was going to claim all property that a “deformed centralistic eagerness” was removed from his jurisdiction and mentions in the first day of the Provincial Government Railway andalusia andalusia that move to the nation-Law 5791 – had left to provide services in important areas of the interior. Subject to claim your refund, the government ordered the immediate rehabilitation of branch lines in the message of 1964, gave evidence that the branch Patricios-Victorino de la Plaza, parchment-Vedia and La Plata, Loma Negra, and working. In terms of passenger transport in the urban area of Buenos Aires with the growth of the area, led the provincial government to agree with the National Development Council, the study to cover all aspects of transport needs (in the meantime excellent approach stopped the expansion or of new services). Transportation, was joined in the management of Marini, to trade policy and industrial promotion. “The establishment of a transport network (Message 1966) is much more complex than the simple construction of major roads and railway branches. Communications systems have to adapt to a certain structure of the economy and must connect the rational geographical distribution of markets and production centers. ” Law 7153 / 65 to authorize the Executive to enter into agreements with the National Government and the Municipality of La Plata, to which half of the Aeronautics Directorate of the Province, are made all the work involved in the empowerment of the airport the provincial capital, as a first class international airport.

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