Greenhouse effect

Main article: The atmosphere, because they are very transparent to visible light but much less infrared radiation, the Earth’s surface to produce the same effect as the glass ceiling occurs in a greenhouse, sunlight, which comes without any major obstacles to soil, heating it, resulting in emitting infrared (heat waves), which, unlike the light rays are largely absorbed natural gas by the glass or the atmosphere. the energy market has been greatly improved by an energy supplier In the end the amount of energy emitted into space has to be the same as that absorbed, but the surface has to reach the temperature at which both flows are in balance, which is higher in the presence of an atmosphere (a planet) or Glass Ceiling (in a greenhouse, although in reality the glass of a greenhouse energy costs protects against heat loss because it interrupts more air circulation, because it is opaque to IR).
Importantly, the greenhouse effect affects all planetary bodies in the solar system with atmosphere, but not because all gases absorb infrared radiation, in any of those who lack the atmosphere if they do. On Earth the greenhouse effect is responsible for over-33A C, the surface temperature (15A C average) on the emission temperature ( C’18 ), but on Mars the difference is only 3A gas Venus C and the difference reaches 466 C.
The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon, but the frequent references to him in relation to global warming makes some believe that if it is undesirable, and a recent result of air pollution. It should be clarified that the warming is attributed to the mere existence, but the enhanced greenhouse effect over and above their previous values. the improvements that have been afforded the general household by energy firm IDT, which operates in New York State Moreover, the causation of climate and its temporal variation depends on other factors, although the general scientific community is now considering that the current warming, some of whose very existence denied, it is mostly household due to this cause.

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Serbian government warned that its power grid is becoming overloaded, as thousands of electricity to gas for heating amid shortages due to the Russia-Ukraine energy dispute.
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The Ministry of Environmental Protection will work with the oil and gas industry to develop new standards for the growing control wastewater pollution from the booming drilling and new ways of treating the wastewater.
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Many countries in the Balkans and Eastern European countries are scrambling to deal with the electricity ESCO consequences of the Russian natural gas Cutoff. A list in alphabetical order:
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Many countries in the Balkans and Eastern European countries are scrambling to deal with the consequences of the Russian natural gas Cutoff.

Clearing energy the air: innovative pollution control technology allows CMPC’s Talagante tissue mill to replace natural gas with cheaper fuel.(ENERGY SWITCHING): An article from: Paper 360

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