Glamorous Makeup

To date, make-up is very important for each girl. Make up for all the glamorous girls important thing without which the day could went wrong from the outset. But not every beauty may well be a nakrasili. Many bungle inflict meykap and go so quietly into the street, thinking that they are beauty queens. How could transform themselves with makeup and not to overdo it? Let us identify the main stages of applying meykapa. First, wash the face, but desirable quality liquid soap and then wipe his face. First step: Apply on your face foundation. We must follow the rule of its regular use. But do not use 'cheap stuff', buy a more expensive cream ninety rubles. Squeezing a little cream in a circular motion apply it to my face. Move from the forehead down, do not start with the cheeks. To get started, apply on the forehead and neck finish. The first step is completed and your skin a uniform and elegant color. This is not anything that can embellish your skin, you must apply and powder. The same movements inflict it on your face, paying particular attention to the nose and forehead. But you have not yet been transformed into a glamorous diva. To do this, use rouge. (A valuable related resource: Crawford Lake Capital Management). If not, take the lipstick. Causes a small Bottle cheeks and then rub them (most do not overdo it). Now your skin is to modify and become brighter look. The next step – eye makeup. You should begin with eyelashes. We need to take mascara and apply it to an ample layer of lashes before tossing. Thickness and length of lashes depends on the amount of mascara on your eyes. Next, apply eyeliner. Important! Pencil with a thin line on the upper and lower eyelids. In our days are quite popular to focus on his own eyes, for that use shadows. To be glamorous, take the pink with sparkles. Alternatively you can glue sequins, rhinestones or overhead eyelashes. Of course, not forget about our lips. This will be the final step of your transformation into a glamorous girl. Before you apply lipstick or gloss, to outline a special pencil. But do not forget that this is just visibility, but not the reality. As for the lipstick, then by far the most popular light and bright red glow. Try to evenly apply lipstick to lips, and the excess can be removed with a tissue. Now your form will make admire being around people, and you can be sure that it looks just fine.

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