Foundation, origin and

Foundation, origin and history The town was founded by the year 1722. 1881 awarded him the title of Villa. In 1893 he qualified as a Dominica City. Its name is derived from Indian chieftain Jumacao. For 1722 came to its shores a group of Mongols in the Canary Islands, founded a small town named St. Louis the Prince of Jumacao Rivera in honor of Prince Louis and the Cacique Jumacao or Macao, lord of these lands before the colonization. The area east of Puerto Rico during the first two centuries of Spanish presence was very sparsely populated. At first they lived some Carib Indians and then the enemies of Spain who had settled in the Lesser Antilles. But the main reason for the few settlements in the area because it is the site of entry of hurricanes in Puerto Rico, most of the time. In 1781, Humacao, whose name had been shortened and Hispanicized according to some historians, received the title of town, although others insist that this incident occurred in 1793.Already in 1828 had a population of 4,713,000 inhabitants, including 4.5 slaves. In that same year won the district title for military and administrative affairs. In 1894, given its rapid growth in population was declared a city, so its municipal coat of arms has five towers. The storm of 12 August 1996, also known as Betsy, brought a great flood of the river that got into the urban area homes and dragging road bridge number three. It was the largest natural disaster experienced by this population.

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