Filling Cartridges

Business Plan llc for filling cartridges. Purpose: Create a company for filling cartridges, are now in every office, and many homes already have copiers and laser printers. The arrival of the crisis has not affected reducing paperwork, is constantly high consumption of consumables cartridges, buying a new cartridge costs about three times more expensive cartridge refilling, and with proper and accurate filling cartridges, Print quality new and refilled cartridge does not differ. Therefore, in order to save money to organizations and individuals have to use the servant of the refueling cartridges. The aim is to win llc a small fraction of the market, then gradually increase it by loyal customers and attract new contracts for subscription services organizations. Approximately 300 refills cartridges per month, and receive profits. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Governor Cuomo. In the feasibility study podchitany monthly expenses llc 112 thousand rubles, and 300 gas stations for 500 rubles will be repaid 150 thousand rubles, ie, npv = 31,160 rubles including vat.

Assumptions: To date, the dollar 34 rubles, the price of one bank Toner twenty dollars, ie with the market price refilling cartridges 500 rubles, only the second refueling pays for the cost of fuel, increasing the value of the dollar to 50 rubles, the company becomes profitable. Limitations, our budget is 200 thousand rubles, a lot of competition in the market for refilling cartridges. Strategic Plan llc for filling cartridges: 1. Creating a functional site and promoting it in search results 2. Rent two tents in transitions subway stations and Glade, through which services will be made for filling cartridges, 3. Purchase of toner required for refilling cartridges, 4. Hiring 4-refueling cartridges. Feasibility study on the project (business plan) Initial expenses: 1.

Joined Ltd – 15 000 rubles 2. Purchase of two cmc – 20 000 rubles 3. Purchase Toner – 20 000 rubles 4. Rent two tents – 15 000 rubles 5. Advertising Yandex Direct – 20 000 rubles Total initial costs: 90 000 rubles, including unanticipated costs 100,000 rubles. Now, the monthly expenses: 1. Purchase Toner – 20 000 rubles 2. Rent two tents – 15 000 rubles 3. Advertising Yandex Direct – 20 000 rubles 4. Salary tanker Cartridge – 60 000 rubles 5. Travel expenses and for mobile communications – 5 000 rubles Total monthly expenses are as follows: 120 000 rubles from unscheduled Risk 135,000 rubles. Hence we conclude that for the cost required 270 filling stations in month to 500 rubles, of 3.9 fillings per tanker per day with 22 day working month. For profit, each tanker has a day to do four filling stations, ie 20 refills per week and 80 refills per month, which 320 fillings per month to 500 rubles, equal to 160 000 rubles per month, ie npv = 20,500 rubles a month, get 15% monthly income.

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