Exposicion Floridablanca, the reformist utopia

Exhibition held in Murcia on the occasion of the bicentenary of the death of the illustrious Murcian D. Monin and Jose Redondo, Conde de Floridablanca in the past year.
Hidalgo Murcian a tax of Castile
On October 21 of 1728, the marriage between Jose Monina, official episcopal and Josefa Redondo, was born in Murcia and Jose Monina Redondo. Record nobility of the family Monin (Municipal Archives. Murcia)
The Count of Floridablanca future studied in Murcia and Orihuela. A first step that coincided with a spectacular development of the arts in the cities mentioned, with the activity of regional and foreign sculptors, the renewal of the altarpieces of the churches and the construction of new buildings and monumental religious and military. Are the axes that define the so-called Golden Age in which local Murcia gained a well-defined artistic personality.
The wise man, a good way and treatment
During this period consolidates the prestige of the future Count of Floridablanca as Prosecutor of the Council of Castile, a position from which deployed its reformist spirit in the atmosphere of renewal that took place in Spain at that time, and with which they attempt to rescue the country centuries of backwardness. This section parade characters and events as Carlos III ‘copy Mengs (Real Academia de la Historia. Madrid), Tanucci, Campomanes’ portrayed by Bayeu Francisco (Royal Academy of History. Madrid) or the mutiny of Esquilache painted by Jose Marti and Mons (Museo Nacional del Prado. Madrid).
In 1772, Jose Redondo, and Monina was appointed Ambassador to Rome to the Holy See and as such it is channeling Carlos III of tense relations with Pope Clement XIV, by the suppression of the Society of Jesus (1773). Parade characters involved in this suppression as Pope Clement XIV (Museo Storico di Santarcangelo Acheologico) or those related Monin. A portrait of Frederick II of Prussia painting by Dorothea Terbusch from Versailles (Musee National des Chateaux de Versailles et de Trianon), complete the gallery of characters.
Following this mission, Monin received his peerage, of which the most known, Conde de Floridablanca, was taken to the local heritage he had in Alqueria, as shown in the Transfer of the award of the title of Count of Floridablanca ( Archivo General de Simancas. Valladolid).
Pro et virtute merit – Floridablanca, Secretary of State
Core of the exhibition examines the period between 1777 ‘year of the appointment of Floridablanca as First Secretary of State’ and 1792 ‘date of its fall on charges of corruption and abuse of authority’ and the last years of his life until his death in 1808.
From his position as Prime Minister, Jose Monina boost the construction of more than 2000 kilometers of roads, canals and irrigation systems, as well as modernize the credit system, liberalize prices, eliminate trade barriers and support the Economic Society of Friends of the Country and the periodical press.
In 1782 founded the National Bank of San Carlos, forerunner of the Bank of Spain. In 1787 I think the Board of Supreme State Council of Ministers precedent. His proposed reforms went further by the division of Spain into 38 provinces, the reform of universities, the opening of academies and colleges, the construction of the observatory and the Cabinet of Natural History, the creation of the General Board of Charity the establishment of free male and female schools and the opening of hospitals and charitable.
This section is illustrated with the release of materials that I use the Count, craft objects, valuable collections of coins and medals of the eighteenth century from the archaeological museums of Madrid and Lorca, and Casa de la Moneda de Madrid, marine instruments, measurement and guidance, illustrations of major maritime expeditions, medical objects, large religious’ as the Tabernacle of the Cathedral of Salamanca (Salamanca Cathedral Museum), ‘and literary works such as music: poem, Tomas Iriarte (Biblioteca Nacional. Madrid). Stresses also the portrait of Maria Luisa of Parma (Museo Nacional del Prado. Madrid) by Goya.
The final chapter of the exhibition chronicles the fall of Monin and subsequent withdrawal in Murcia during the French Revolution. Floridablanca, Murcia and since his retirement from the responsibilities in the defense of public works, will take the leading role in Spanish politics at the beginning of the War of Independence, from the Board and then the Murcian Supreme Central Board until his death in 1808 as reflected in the Ordinance to provide the death of the Count of Floridablanca I (Archivo Historico Nacional.

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