ExpoPublicitas Along with

ExpoPublicitas Along with the Expo include the two biggest advertising events that take place in Mexico City, is an event where manufacturers can find all kinds of items advertised pair the market and its distributors, exporters up larger teams of more advanced national magazine exchange printing processes. Dual City commends it to our public careers studying Graphic Design, Communication Sciences and careers to public purposes or working in the field of advertising or graphic design, also if you want to start your business and wants to see promotional options for, be adequate. His homepage is: http://www.expopublicitas.com/Publishop/index.htm Tip: For the Public Puebla Estrella Roja bus has an output which takes you straight to the Word Trade Center in the morning and then goes back to Puebla in the afternoon, so you do not have to travel a lot for the city. If you want to reach by normal bus can take in the CAPU coming to TAPO, take the metro line 1 to meters Insurgent, go out and take the light rail in the direction of CU, and down at Station which is located opposite the WTC This leaves a block on Insurgentes. If you’ve ever gone to TNT WTC is in the same place. National Magazine Exchange The Expo is quite large is prepared schedule is 11:00 to 20:00 hrs inside there are areas of food, but are somewhat expensive.

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