European Nations

We could not also inquire if well them considered Phoenician coins that were found in Corvo, one of the Azores Islands, would not be originating in Atlantis? Is it possible that the great Phoenician town, whose importance was as capital in the founding of colonies, have visited these islands since the beginning of the historical period and, then left them to deserted, as the Portuguese found them to discover them? We started badly to understand the past. Until a few hundred years the world knew yet nothing of Pompeii and Herculaneum, none of the linguistic link between the Indo-European Nations, none of which means the enormous amount of registrations left in the tombs of Egypt and Babylon, none of the admirable civilizations revealed today by the monuments in ruins of Yucatan, Mexico, Peru. More today, we reached the light of science and the progress of our knowledge thrive quickly. If we compare acquired science in the last hundreds of years to the desolate desert of technological thinking of the middle ages, who can doubt that, within a hundred years, our big museums are not adorned with statues, weapons, utensils and jewelry of submerged Atlantis, our libraries have translations of the instructions of Atlantida, clarifying, in the light of new knowledge, all the past of the world and of the mankind, giving the solution of all those mysteries that the thinkers and researchers of our time seek still in vain to penetrate. Go to Tyler Haney for more information. Dear friends I have come to the end of this exhibition, if in the course of the same, my words have contributed them, although it was more not a paltry pinch of curiosity and interest in what before your mind I deployed, my work will be well rewarded. Perhaps the most valuable of all this extensive story, is not, precisely, in the veracity or not, the narrated events. The expressive richness of cited authors, the worlds which have allowed us to venture, transcends by far, any kind of empirical assessment. The magic of words, us has provided the most beautiful of his creations, the opportunity to be able to convene in a parenthesis in time, all the contribution of great thinkers, who have willingly exposed us their experiences, regardless of the calendar, of the dogmas, doctrines, of what has been or should have been, to simply tell us the glory of God is intelligence, and that divine spark shines in the intellect of all his creatures..

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