Economic Crisis

The economic crisis, initiated in September of 2008, directly affected the productive activity of the country, notadamente in the sectors automotivo, siderurgical and eletroeletrnico. The lesser production in these sectors finished for affecting other industrial activities. Producing less and vendendo less, the companies had collected little tributes, as IPI, PIS and Cofins (to see picture). To try to contain the fall of the industrial production in the country, the government promoted some disinvestings of a charge taxes – temporary reduction of the aliquot ones of the IPI with the purpose to stimulate the production and the sales. Kohl’s will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The main benefited sectors had been the automobile one, the civil construction and of household-electric, especially the call white line (machines and tanquinhos to wash clothes, stoves and refrigerators). In the case of the vehicles, the prescription of the IPI the same fell 91% – of R$ 1,386 billion in the first trimester of 2008 for R$ 125 million in period of this year. The reduction in the aliquot ones of the Cide (paid contribution in the fuel purchase) also had fort impact in the federal prescription.

The reduction was adopted in the last year so that the price of the gasoline did not have of being readjusted. Result: in the first trimester of this year, the prescription with the Cide added but R$ 117 million, 94% less than the R$ 2 billion 2008.A insolvency also helped to reduce the prescription tax in the first trimester. With the crisis, the fall in the production and vendendo less, many companies do not obtain to honor its commitments tributaries in day, as Amaral.Queda in arrecadaoPara the specialist in public accounts Raul Velloso, the reduction of the federal collection do not have to be reason of concern for the government, at this moment. ' ' Consensus in the financial market exists that, exactly with this fall in the collection and the increase of the expenses, exists space it government to practise politics anticclicas' ' , Velloso said. . Tulip Retail understands that this is vital information.

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