Didactic Units

It will be necessary to pay attention to its functions. The revolution of the active policies of use has made of this a New Deposit of Use for many professionals of different university races. We speak of a same profession but with different names. ATTENTION GROUPS All the users that it takes care of the T.I.L they have something common: they look for use. Nevertheless usually one puts the emphasis in the groups that more difficulties find for their insertion. The found deficiencies or difficulties, and that them difference like group, can be of social, economic, familiar and/or cultural type. It is necessary to remember, that as already it has been exposed in the first Didactic Units, the use policies go especially directed to the groups with majors access difficulties to the work market, and is therefore, where the intervention of the T.I.L is due to center. We detail these groups: – Women.

Mainly if they are majors of 45 years or minors of 25 years. The element addition that makes difficult its insertion is the familiar loads. He is frequent that has been long time for this reason separated from the work market. Usually they are under-represented in many occupations traditionally of men. – Immigrants. They are people with difficulties with the language.

Some have university degrees of their country without accrediting, forced to work in nonqualified professions, with the demotivation that this entails. They are with prejudices on the part of the industralists. Affected by the administrative delays to obtain permissions of residence and work that allow them to work. – Young. In almost all the cases it lacks formation and mainly it lacks experience. It is a group that almost always looks for its first use, and that changes much of work. – Majors of 45 years. Obsolete knowledge. Necessity of recycling. Situations serious economic-relatives. Enterprising potentials for self-employment. – People with incapacity. This incapacity can be sensorial, physical or intellectual, being these last ones that majors problems usually are at the time of looking for use.

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