The individual seems to be clueless, distracted or elsewhere but your mind is receptive, in a State of alert. This individual leaves in some way to experience reality from somewhere else and is busy in the process of recruitment. His mind enabled and equipped like a magnet to allow it to be attracted, captured, even bewitched by the smart content you need to understand your problem and solve it. Sometimes these impressions are told in a manner so forceful that the person wakes up and comes out of his trance, that State of distraction and return to your reality. Sometimes these appearances may seem nice, innocent, Nice, tender, full of freshness or a wisdom so unexpected that fills us with joy. Because this is what we were needing. Under the influence of the flower remedy, the mind is open and receives these subjective impressions.

We are not talking about hallucinations, in reality what appears in consciousness will not be new. For even more opinions, read materials from mayo clinic patient stories. They will be things you saw, lived, flavors and sensations that he experienced and that they enclose a message opotuno for the moment; they will always offer a guide, a wise Council. The individual feels inclination for peace. You will want a pleasurable way, the individual looks to whether same paving the way of the revelation that sooner or later will come. Most of the time this revelation appears in a very clear and natural way that is usually downplay that has. In this process it is expected that a key element of consciousness dips or that subject resume any activity that used to practice, which was pleasant, but that was interrupted for some reason. The picture of situation immediately looks clear and change is imminent but we repeat, it is important to make way for this information, not stop it or distorting the meaning of this process. It is important to know these energies work to know what is being done and to intelligently apply intellectual resources in order to support this process with conviction.

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