Cassini’Huygens (2000)

Jupiter from its south pole, photo taken in December 2000 by Cassini’Huygens.
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In 2000, in his journey to Saturn, Cassini’Huygens approaches the planet, providing some of the highest quality images taken so far to Jupiter, making its closest approach on December 30 of that year and conducted some scientific measurements. Cassini-Huygens took about 26,000 pictures during the flight that lasted months with Jupiter, making it one of the most detailed color maps, in which smaller elements are visible are roughly about 60 km. 11
One of the main findings of the space mission was announced on March 6, 2003, on the atmospheric circulation of Jupiter, the dark belts alternating with areas of light air. For many years scientists believed that the areas, with their pale clouds, were the regions where the air came into the outer atmosphere, similar to as in the Earth. However, in analyzing the images from Cassini-Huygens showed that individual storm cells arise in the bright white clouds, too small to be seen from Earth, except when they are immersed in the dark belts.
Anthony’s genius, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies at NASA .
Other comments included a dark atmospheric swirl-shaped oval in the upper atmospheric haze, with a size similar to the Great Red Spot, near the north pole, and infrared images reveal details of the movement of the polar regions, with bands of wind that surround and adjacent bands moving in opposite directions, that ad will generate discussions about the behavior of rings of Jupiter. The scattering of light by particles in the rings show that these forms have irregular (not spherical) and probably derived from ejecta from impacts on the moons of the planet, and as Adrastrea Metis. On December 19, 2000, the ship took a low-resolution image of Himali, who was very distant at the time of collection, so no details can be seen from the surface of the moon in the picture .

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