Business Strategy.

the strategy has become key pendapatan to achieving organizational success. . Corey Ribotsky . but this is a strategy would be a good question sales to start. Larouse The dictionary defines strategy as the art of directing investment military operations, ability to lead, here the reference is confirmed on the rise in the military, management which regards maylasia the way to directory defeat one economy or more enemies in the field johor battle, synonymous of rivalry, competition, however, it is necessary to clarify the usefulness of the strategic direction not only in shopping its meaning of rivalry to beat opponents but also international in terms of corporate providing a guide for organizations achieve maximum effectiveness in the administration of all resources in carrying out the mission. The concept of strategy is the subject of usahawan many definitions langkawi indicating that there financial is no universally accepted definition. So according to different authors, contains definitions company such as “set of relationships between internal and external environment of celcom the company” “a set of aims and policies to achieve broad objectives” tourism “the dialectic between the company and its environment (Ansoff 1976) melaka “” a way to conquer the market, “” the best way to insert the organization to its environment “but the perak primary objective to use any type of marketing strategy is to increase competitiveness and superior performance to those set by berhad the company. sarawak we kuala understand that sambilan a well-developed strategy should be applicable to the mission and vision of the selangor company so the same actions to be developed to buat duit meet the goal of it, here we can define the business strategy is the set of commitments and actions that jalan the company uses to achieve competitive advantage by exploiting core competencies in specific markets of the market.

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