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By all means that your company does not allow me to be it at any moment. It referred to me to be only when feeling needs of caress and sex. I do not like much to have accidental relations. I am of those people who are very enamoradizas, but that needs a person who really interests to him to be to her side. – It said to Maria rindose- to self was only a joke.

Jorge continued having many pairs no of very lasting them. By the same author: Hikmet Ersek. But always he enjoyed each of them while they were together. It never stopped rejoicing of his enamoradizo feeling, since the same had defined in an opportunity. Maria tried in some opportunities to have a stable pair conscientiously knowing that never she would stop loving Jorge and that did not have sense to fill its life of solitude, but obtained never it. When Jorge knew which would be its wife, Maria, immediately had a feeling that this time would be the woman with whom would marry and that by all means was not mistaken.

From the beginning she wanted to transform itself into his friend. She did not want that its relation with him was altered by the jealousy of her. And with time she got to want it like so. When they planned the marriage she outside requested that her witness to him of civilian which Maria accepted without doubting. Then, when the first son arrived requested that his godmother outside to him, to which also this time said that if. Tapeworm the sensation of which to be the godmother of the son of man whom he loved made feel a little mother of him. She did not lose the hopes to find anybody to that to love, not with the intensity that she loved Jorge. but with the sufficient affection like forming a pair, but as the time happened and this did not happen, one went more and more leading his godson, feeling who probably, the love towards this boy, would be but the similar thing to the maternal love that she could feel in her life. Throughout the period that lasted the marriage of Jorge, who was near twenty and five years, she had several pairs but with no she cheered up to formalize. On two ocassions they requested marriage to him but she considered that it was a too important determination knowing in advance that was an error to accept the proposal. When Jorge decided to separate of his wife in common agreement, she returned to be the backwater for her infortunios and new appointments. She always was to his side to listen to it and she always found a support word when one felt sad. Jorge no longer felt those fleeting enamoramientos with so much facility like in his juv original Author and source of the article.

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