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Before participating in an Affiliate Program is useful to understand how it is that we participate in them and what are the tasks to be performed. Sites that offer this program, put a link to "Affiliates" or some equivalent in a conspicuous place in your home page, often may be in a tab top or bottom of the page, to access this link is common leads to another page where they explain in detail where your system and find the chance to access the registry. Usually registration is requested for the program by filling out a form with personal data, then they send a confirmation message and then give a single member password with which you can enter a personal dashboard where it is possible to track the product of our advocacy and access, where appropriate, to support tools. If I am already an Affiliate now I have to do. You may want to visit Macys to increase your knowledge. Armed with our unique key or password, you will also have at our disposal a connection or link with which you can already start to the promotion, that is, start recommending placing the product on our website, blog or sending it to our list of contacts. Often these sites offer the affiliate tips and tools such as a sales or landing page for that link, suggested signatures for e-mails, articles and messages written by experts and we can use as is or modify it suited to our site or our personal style, also often offer banners of different sizes or presentations, there were even some who made available to the member a support forum or consultation. The point is that using our personal link to send traffic to sales pages, the more people send and if these people are pre-qualified, that is, we know beforehand that they are interested in the subject, the more likely that we buy and therefore that our committees are more interesting. Suggestions to explore. In the network there are many sites that integrate Affiliate Programs Directory, suffice perform a search on this term to display hundreds of pages related, but I think it is important to consider the one hand experience with these sites and have the prestige among users who have one of them recognized as a superb server payments and excellent customer service is:

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