A Niche To Balance Price

The rest in peace now is not possible or being killed. To read more click here: Western Union. And is that although it sounds like a joke it is true that subastFACIL. com, the franchise specializing in selling real estate from judicial foreclosures, just hang on its website an offer of a property classified as housing but that more than one, the less will cause chills: a niche that the Regional Unit of the Treasury of Palma de Mallorca will auction next Wednesday 27 January at 10. 30 in the morning by 1. 750 euros. The economic crisis not only being carried many families unable to pay the mortgage on their apartments and see how the Bank seizes your floor. Also a which cannot be against the payment of the rent of a pantheon or a family tomb, as says Manuel Gonzalez, its Director General. See if not the case of this niche situated cemetery deprived of the Balearic town of Marratxi to give account to where everything is coming.

And is that as stresses Gonzalez, when debts cannot be paid, the Treasury goes beyond where needed to collect them. This implies to demonstrate that when one is moroso drag this adjective and debts even in the hereafter and not resting in peace. Thus the things and as always there are investors or interested in all types of real estate subastFACIL. com has not hesitated to publish to your free web data and images of the property in question and offer their professional services want who stay. To bid for it only necessary to consign 525 euros. Features include: niche on the floor second delu block 23 zone type called City of niches of fitted seventy-five centimeters wide by two meters and fifty centimeters in length and surface one eat and eighty-eight square meters. It is part of unu private cemetery known as Jardins sito Repos in the Predi or are Alegre in Marratxi with access from the main road lloseta.

Linda mirandou from the calle de Los Olmos back Los Rosales Avenue, front with this street. Background, free space; right niche equal plant and subsequent sequence numerou; left, with equal plant niche and sequential order number. Fee: 0,006697 per cent. u setpoint parau participate in the bid: 525 euros Subastafacil. com is the leading franchise in Spain that is projected for the purpose of advising the debtor in judicial auctions and make accessible and transparent to the public and investors exclusive and highly profitable environment of judicial auctions. Since 2003 is immersed in the market of judicial public auctions of real estate with results objectively very positive. Its philosophy of work passes collect their fees when customer comes out winning.

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